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Dustin Luna

It is said that we all view things differently. Some people have "an eye" for the arts, and some just do not. And as I feel that there is some very small truth to that statement, I believe that what really divides us is how we see the value of art or the opportunity to create emotion.  How much passion and devotion and individual has for their craft, is what truly defines their body of work. 

My name is Dustin Luna, and I've been an artist all my life.  From musician, to painter, to writer and photographer, I've been constantly drawn to creating and recreating emotion from the start.  

Whether it's telling a story or simply displaying natural beauty of a subject or scenery, I truly believe that the attention to subtle details is what gives art true life.  

Want a good example?  

Listen to one of your favorite songs.  

From the beginning till the end.  Pay attention to what parts move you... what really grabs you and brings you into the song.  



“Dustin is such a talented and professional photographer. I was so nervous during my photoshoot, but he helped put me at ease which created amazing shots! Thank you so much Dustin.”

— Juan Ascncio,

Headshot client

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